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You know what sucks more
than getting your period?

Sure, PMS is a huge issue for millions (You too?) Then check this out, but I’m talking about having incredibly irregular periods, or even NO period at all with symptoms that are NO. FUN. WHATSOEVER.

Sound way too familiar?

You are…

magnifying-glassThinking of hiring a Private Eye to find out where your period is hiding
pillsNeeding The Pill or progesterone to force your body to have a period
mirrorDealing with more acne than you’ve ever had in your life!
combExperiencing hair loss on your head or hair growth on your face (oh the injustice of it all…)

Oh, and maybe these too?

thongYour sexy underwear stays in your drawer thanks to a non-existent sex drive
coffeeYour energy is so low you can’t get get through the day without caffeine or sugar
pillowYou’re losing sleep over the long-term health consequences of all this, like the fate of your future fertility!


While the physical symptoms can be tough, the mental stress and anxiety is often just as bad or worse.

Does no period mean no ovulation? How am I supposed to get pregnant (or avoid it!) if I don’t get that monthly, all-clear sign? Is something SERIOUSLY wrong??? (Thanks Dr. Google for making everyone think they have cancer.)

One thing Google WON’T tell you is that your symptoms aren’t the true problem. They’re just messages from your ultra-wise body that something’s off.

If you’re determined to take back control of your symptoms, your hormones and your life, then you are in the right place.

I’m Nicole Jardim,
a Certified Women’s Health & Functional Nutrition Coach


If you’re like me, you want to know exactly what’s
going on with your your body so you can
A) Relax already! and B) Do something about it.

Naturally. No Pills, Drugs, or Surgery. Just you + your period, living in harmony again.Yeah, remember YOU?

That healthy, energetic, and dare-I-say spunky lady with an on-time period. You—totally confident that you can get pregnant naturally whenever you darn-well please. (Or not!) And most important, the You who gets to have a life outside of trying to figure this all out on your own!


Like these ladies…

“In just 6 months of implementing (almost) everything I learn’t from Nicole, I had cleared up my acne, my hives were gone, I was no longer so fatigued (this for me is still a work in progress though), my gut was beginning to heal and I GOT MY PERIOD BACK (I honestly don’t think anyone has ever been as excited about getting their period before as I was!).” Monica Y.

“I got my period yesterday!!! Yay!! First time in 12 months (& it’s no coincidence that it came after starting this program). I love having my period!! I’m going to keep at it with my healthy diet/lifestyle. Hopefully it comes again next month pain free. I’m not living with a PCOS title forever!” CARLY C.

“3 months after beginning Nicole’s program I am a completely different person! I have regular periods, I OVULATED for the first time in almost 15 years, my mood is much more stable, I’m no longer bloated, I have good levels of energy for most of the month, I have more libido, the 10lbs basically just fell off, no more migraine headaches, I have mental clarity, and all my hormone levels are normal!” DESIREE P.


Ready to bring it all back?

Your period, your sexy, your energy, your inner happy girl, your healthy glow and your peace of mind—all without drugs and side effects?

Yes yes!



It’s time to learn exactly what to do, what to eat, and how to exercise using my evidence-based formula that’s personalized to work for your unique body.

how will we do this, nicole?


I will guide you through the most up-to-date scientific research, broken down into easy-to-understand language, and provide you with targeted solutions for your biggest health challenges. This course is guaranteed to teach you how to get your hormones working for you, rather than against you!

Believe it lady.
Your hormone problems CAN BE FIXED—PERMANENTLY!

I had PCOS and now I’m pregnant with twins!

I started seeing Nicole because I struggle with PCOS and secondary infertility. I had very irregular periods and a whole host of other PCOS symptoms. The program primed my body to do what I was hoping for…I am now pregnant with twins and I could not be more thrilled. This time around, keeping up with what I learned from Nicole, I am having an easier and healthier pregnancy and remembering to take care of myself. Nicole Rocks!
jordana s.

Aside from getting your period back and regulating your cycle, here’s what else you might experience:

  • You’ll ovulate again–and even know when it’s happening!
  • Your acne will begin to subside and may even disappear completely
  • That sexy underwear in the drawer might not stay there for long 😉
  • You will recover your full energy & lose those midday energy slumps
  • You’ll stop losing so much darn hair in the shower
  • And best of all, you can relax knowing that your body is working the way it was designed to—using natural solutions rather than harsh medical quick-fixes



webinar recording

Each week you will receive a content-rich recorded webinar and full transcript that reveals all the groundbreaking, mind blowing information that will be the catalyst for some serious (and positive) change in your life.


On the go? You also get the audio version of each module so you can listen on your phone or in your car. Knowledge is power, baby!

pdf icon

Weekly PDF worksheets packed full with super juicy, yet scientifically-backed solutions that will provide the foundation for you to learn about how your body works, why she’s being such a jerk, and how to make her happy again.

recipe book

A 60-page Fix Your Period recipe ebook with tons of hormone-friendly recipes that your tastebuds will approve of.


Don’t go to the supermarket without the Fix Your Period Shopping List that makes choosing happy hormone foods a snap. I’ve collated all the best foods for your body into one handy reference list—short of actually cooking your food, I’ve done all the hard work for you.


Jumpstarts, clear guidelines, Yes-No lists, action steps, and easy-breezy details on how to break up with the prescription pad and use food as medicine. Get ready because we’re doing this au natural…just like you!


Game-changing mindset tools guaranteed to help you hack stress and keep your cool no matter what time of the month.


And don’t forget about your 6-month membership to the Fix Your Period Facebook Community where you can chat with others who are exploring their own hormonal challenges—or who’ve already beaten them! It’s a great way to keep in touch with me while learning from the journeys and successes of other people. Viva la sisterhood!

I’ll let you in on a little known secret:

You don’t need a great deal of medical intervention to stay healthy. In fact, you have 90% control over the things that will create massive change in your health. It all comes down to the right food, supplements, exercise, and self care practices suitable to YOU (and not your Aunt Nancy). Small changes can have a BIG impact—and you’re so close to knowing what to do!


Think about this…

In 10 short weeks, not only will you have a complete mindset shift around
how your body works and how to get better, but you could also be back to
late-night corner store runs for emergency tampons or telling your partner
to stick to second base. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


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Get Clear On What Your Perfect Health Is & How To Get It, Fast.

If you don’t know what your ideal health and life look like, then how do you expect to create it? We’ll kick off with some big-picture visioning of a snazzy, no-excuses life where you can do the things you’re really meant to do.

  • Why a healthy menstrual cycle is the blueprint for whole body health
  • The crucial role your genes play in your health + how your diet can change the way they are expressed
  • The specific vegetables that are the big key to creating happier moods + periods
  • Which healthy fats your female body needs for hormone production & regulation
  • Why there is no one “right way” of eating for everyone
  • Protein 101—why the right amount is key & how much is too much
  • The dark underbelly of conventional dairy & just how damaging it can be to your ovaries
  • Which foods to eat and which to avoid to keep PMS just a distant memory
  • How & why sugar (even a little bit) can wreak hormonal havoc—and a proven plan to reduce sugar without going insane
  • How inflammation is connected to your menstrual cycle & the top three trigger foods
  • Why “bad cravings” happen and how to reprogram your brain to crave kale
  • Learn how to test your blood sugar, so you can figure out if you are eating the right foods for your body instantly (biohacking at it’s best!)
  • Learn exactly how good gut health is connected to ALL of your period-related problems
  • Understand the gut’s connection to acne & vaginal yeast and bacterial infections
  • Get my step-by-step Basic Gut Support Guide to start optimizing your digestion so you can begin to feel better by dinner
Why You Can’t Be Stressed Out & Have A Normal Period

  • Learn the sexy science behind your endocrine system function and why healthy adrenal glands are essential for having healthy, regular, pain-free periods
  • The 3 main functions of the stress hormone, cortisol & why too much can sabotage your estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid hormones
  • Get the top effective solutions to manage your stress response so you can ovulate on time, every time
Additional Steps For Managing Stress Everyday + Exercise, Self-Care, Fun & Sex: Crucial Elements For Being Wildly Happy & Healthy!

  • Learn the specific kinds of exercise that support healthy hormones (it’s different than it is for men!)…& how to exercise right for where you are in your cycle
  • Low libido or painful sex? You’ll get key steps to bring the sizzle back into your life
  • Learn how to practice supreme self-care and why you CAN’T SKIP this if you want to be happier, healthier and sexier!
  • Blood work! I will show you what’s normal and what’s not and how to finally make sense of your own test results
  • Discover which crucial supplements can help you boost or lower specific hormones
  • Learn which herbal remedies are great for PMS symptoms, heavy and painful periods + other hormonal imbalances
  • Why your thyroid is deeply connected to your menstrual health & how to start healing it to support your fertility
  • Guidelines to detox your liver & gallbladder for supercharged hormonal health!
  • Which chemicals in your beauty regimen are wreaking havoc on your endocrine system, plus my all time favorite natural—and effective—products!
Use Your Monthly Cycle To Reclaim Your Life!

  • The glorious details! Learn about the four phases of your cycle and what your period should really look like each month
  • Understand the intricate (and brilliant) process that happens each month between your brain, hypothalamus, and ovaries so you’ll never be stumped about your period again
  • How to track your period & sync your cycle to the moon, so you can gain a deeper knowledge of your body’s internal rhythms
Powerful steps to shift your mindset and keep you on the road to healing

  • Discover how to cultivate your feminine energy so you can thrive in a masculine world
  • Learn the FIVE questions you should be asking at your next gynecologist visit
  • Get my step-by-step process with time-tested mindset shifts, that are the key to creating sustainable change in the long term



SIX exclusive guest teaching interviews with TOP experts in hormonal and women’s health…


Bonus Call #1: Demystifying Ovulation Video Interview with Dr. Nat Kringoudis, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Hormone Revolutionist


Bonus Call #2: Reconnecting with Your Cycle by Connecting to the Moon Cycles with Jenn Racioppi, Women’s Empowerment Coach + Astrologer


Bonus Call #3: Overcoming Hypothalamic Amenorrhea with Kate Callaghan, Holistic Nutritionist


Bonus call #4: Ending the “Crazy” Around Food with Isabel Foxen Duke, Emotional Eating Expert


Bonus Call #5: The Emotional Causes of Amenorrhea with Elle Griffin, Writer and Speaker of the Divine Feminine


Bonus Call #6: Stop Obsessing About Your Body & Start Living with Jamie Greenwood, Women’s Empowerment Coach + Speaker

How I Became the Period Girl

how i became the period girl

If it sounds like I know exactly what you’re going through, it’s because I do. I lived with agonizingly painful and irregular periods for most of my teenage years and at 19, my doctor put me on the Pill to “solve” these issues.

While hormonal birth control helped with the physical symptoms, many other problems, including hair loss, low sex drive and major gut issues (so not fun!) plagued me during the five years I was on it. Basically, I just swapped one major hormonal imbalance for another.

My journey to healing took a long time because I had to figure it all out on my own— but you don’t have to!

I’ve spent years researching everything there is to know, trained with the TOP experts in the field of women’s hormonal health, so that I can bring this ground-breaking wisdom and knowledge to you.

It all comes in a straightforward program that gives you the perfect blend of science (in language you can understand), plus real world application.


Nicole’s training & certifications

  • I am a Certified Women’s Health Coach + Functional Nutritionist with a specialty in hormonal and reproductive health.
  • In 2010 I trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach.
  • Shortly after that I completed a 3-month apprenticeship at a women’s holistic health center in New York City.
  • I then did a 1-year training program with Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD (author of The Hormone Cure & The Hormone Reset Diet).
  • I followed that up with an additional 1-year women’s health and nutrition coaching certification program with the Integrative Women’s Health Institute.
  • I’m currently enrolled in a 1-year training program with the Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine.
  • And finally, I am pursuing my national certification to become a licensed health coach!

In other words, I know my sh*t! Plus I really, truly love this work (and clearly don’t enjoy having any spare time).

Naturally, I am bursting at the seams to
share everything I know with you!

Other courses I’ve seen are just plain underwhelming and don’t teach you anything new. Or they’re totally overwhelming. As a lifelong student, I know that the way information is presented is just as important as what’s presented, so I designed the Fix Your Period E-Course that I would want to take!

This course is jam-packed with fascinating & super-helpful information!

I can’t recommend Nicole’s courses enough – aside from being jam-packed with fascinating and super-helpful information, the program is engaging and enjoyable to listen to, with practical guidelines and take-home practices given every week. The course is a very comprehensive delve into the menstrual cycle and a valuable resource for every woman.


You get the very best, cherry-picked information from top-of-the-line training and resources, all put together in an unforgettable educational experience. Most importantly, I always explain WHY something’s happening in your body, because I know that you are a smart, savvy woman who wants to know this stuff!

This course is well-rounded and easy to grasp!

Hey Nicole, I just wanted to tell you how impressed and thankful I am to you! I was really hesitant to do this, because you know how these things can be, you spend $500 and then after think, “I could have bought a book and got the same info”, but that is NOT the case with your course. So far, I have found it very well rounded and easy to grasp. My mom says I should have done this ages ago. THANK YOU THANK YOU! 🙂


praise from the experts

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The longer you wait to treat your hormonal imbalance,
the tougher it is to fix.

Women constantly tell me that medical practitioners say “it’s no big deal, just wait it out” OR that if they want to regulate their period they should just “go back on the birth control pill” or “get a progesterone shot” to bring on a period!

Let me be completely straight with you—hormonal birth control and progesterone shots are not the answer.

These merely treat the symptoms of a SERIOUS underlying imbalance. And in fact, they can cause more harm than good over the long term.

ArrowWithout ovulation and a period, it is impossible to get pregnant naturally.

For women with irregular periods, it’s hard to know when ovulation is happening, so avoiding or achieving pregnancy can be quite difficult.

ArrowAdequate estrogen is needed for proper bone health and development.

Spending years in an estrogen deficient body can have a mighty negative effect on the long term health of your bones, which can lead to osteoporosis, along with hip and spine fractures. I know these seem like old lady conditions but they are happening to women in their 30’s now.

ArrowLow estrogen also leads to atrophy of the vaginal and breast tissue.

Vaginal tissue is very hormone dependent, and without enough estrogen it becomes drier and more prone to irritation and urinary tract, yeast and bacterial vaginosis infections. This sets you up for pelvic pain and pain during sex.

ArrowAnd then there is the matter of your brain.

Mood disorders, depression, and just feeling cranky and all over the place are major risks for women with low hormone levels, because estrogen and progesterone directly impact on your brain function.

is all this really a big deal?


Regardless of whether you want children or not, it is imperative to understand that your period health is reflective of your overall health. If your period is missing or irregular, or you have other symptoms, something deeper is going on that you need to look at.

Fixing your period is not a luxury and it’s not something to put off.



I am so confident in the value of my Fix Your Period program and your success, that I am offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you watch the webinars and do the assignments and you aren’t happy with your progress, then email me within 14 days from the purchase date of the program and I will fully refund you. I know that if you do the work, you will see tremendous results. If you do the work and you don’t see results, then I don’t deserve your money. It’s that simple.


I’ve helped thousands of women
reclaim their health and
turn their lives around.

You’ve seen the testimonials from so many women about the effectiveness of this program. You’ve read about my own path to heal myself along with my solid credentials….

While I don’t know your knowledge or your exact circumstances, my guess is it’s your time NOW to change your life. Not one more month of pain and suffering! My program will teach you every single step to help you get there…And next time you’re at the gyno’s you might teach her a thing or two!

By the way, we will have fun! There ain’t one dull moment or dry lecture ‘round these parts!

Click the button below to get started right now, and I’ll see you on the other side of your new luscious life!

the fix your period program




Nicole Jardim is a hormonal health genius! She bridges the gap between conventional treatments and holistic healing, providing women with integrative tools to naturally take charge of their menstrual and reproductive health. We are all fortunate to be on the receiving end of her wonderful gifts and expertise.

Abby Epstein & Ricki Lake
Award winning documentary filmmakers & creators of “The Business of Being Born”


Not really. Birth control pills, drugs and synthetic hormones are often prescribed as a “quick fix” but ALL they do is mask the underlying issues surrounding your cycle. Conventional doctors often don’t look at the whole picture, or can sometimes just brush your concerns under the rug with a “don’t worry about it” flip-off. I created the Fix Your Period Program as a comprehensive solution to this exact problem!

A lot of women who are super informed take this course and tell me it’s truly changed the way they understand their bodies. It’s packed with the latest, most in-depth information in the world. (Did you see my borderline absurd level of training? I scoured the globe and worked with the very best because I want to change the conversation we’re having about women’s health.)
Plus, with the vibrant private Facebook community that you’ll have access to for 6 months, you will never be alone, and that’s not something you can get from any search engine!

This course is 100% virtual. Once you sign up you’ll get easy instructions on how to get into the online classroom and get the good times rolling with the lively lectures and handouts. You can start any time and go at your own pace. You get access to the study materials forever! Many students of past Fix Your Period programs retake the course as a refresher—with the amount of smart info packed in there, you can’t absorb it all at once. Luckily it’s always at your fingertips.
Once you sign into the online platform, you will see a course layout that includes a Welcome section and 10 Individual Sessions. Initially you will have access to the Welcome section. The next day you’ll get Session #1 and each week after that you will receive an email with all the information for that week’s webinar and handouts.
Absolutely! This course is designed for women all over the world – in fact, women in over 50 countries have bought my program. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a credit card or Paypal to purchase the course and get set up. Easy peasy!
I am going to introduce and discuss foods that are good for you from a hormonal perspective. I will also delve into the foods that are not so good and explain why that is the case. We will discuss animal protein, and why it is helpful for many women with hormonal imbalances. Some women do really well on a vegetarian or vegan diet while others require animal protein to feel their best. It’s different for everyone and I respect that in this course.
While there’s bound to be tons of content that will work for everyone, my main focus in this course is Hypothalamic Pituitary Amenorrhea (brought on by excess exercise, calorie restriction and/or prolonged stress) & Post-Pill Amenorrhea (no period after going off hormonal birth control). If you’re in doubt, email me at support@nicolejardim.com and I can let you know if this course will suit your condition.
I’d love to wave my magic hormonal wand and bring your period back for you. However, the nature of the human body is that everyone has different symptoms, causes and reactions to treatment. While the majority of women get their period back in a few months or less, I can’t guarantee your specific results. I CAN guarantee that my system will create the foundation for you to get your periods back.

Do you have more questions? Email us at support@nicolejardim.com and my support team will respond to you within 24 hours.