Are you a woman?  Then you need to check out our signature group program Fix Your Period – 8 Weeks to Better Periods in 2012.  It starts in exactly one week!  Well, actually the first group starts in two days but it’s sold out so we decided to offer a second group. Yay!


  • You were diagnosed with PMS, PMDD or PCOS
  • You were diagnosed with cystic ovaries or fibroids
  • You are in your reproductive years but you have irregular cycles
  • You have developed adult acne, facial hair and gained weight
  • You have digestive problems
  • You want your body to be naturally fertile
  • You want to menstruate naturally without drug therapy

Healing from any of these conditions takes time…for some it can take weeks, for others it can take months but they all had to START their journey SOMEWHERE.


  • 8 weekly group calls (1 call a week), with recordings sent out the day after the call, so you get the support and guidance that is so crucial to set you up for success
  • 30-minute private one-on-one call before the program starts to assess your individual health goals
  • The Better Period Manual 
    • Complete week-by-week guide to keep you on track
    • Grocery list of recommended foods
    • Daily journaling exercises
  • 5-day cleanse to help kickstart your liver function
  • Private Facebook group for support from your peeps and to share your experiences along the way
  • 30-minute private one-on-one call at the end to review your progress and keep you on track to having better periods for life!
  • The Healthy Elements Recipe E-Book delicious and easy recipes that you’re guaranteed to love
  • Series of guided meditations to help motivate you along the way

You get all of this for a mere $62.50 a week!  If you’re finally ready to make peace with your period then get in touch!  We’ll answer all your questions and get you started on your journey to hormonal health in 2012!