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When speaking with women, productivity and balance often become the big topics in the conversation. I feel like we’re always trying to figure out how to do more in less time so that we can be more productive and achieve a balanced life.

So, question for you…

Do you constantly wonder whether “balance” is possible in your life?

Like, if you just answer those last few emails, workout a little harder, eat less carbs, create that vision board, meditate more, keep checking things off your to-do list – you’ll achieve perfect work/life balance!

I get it, trust me. I’m a business owner and the saying goes, “entrepreneurs are the only people who are willing to trade a 40-hour week for an 80-hour week”. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

But here’s the deal…while it is an exciting time to be a woman, this obsessive focus on attaining balance can sometimes feel like striving for perfection, which often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

The exact opposite of what we’re trying to do!

We all want the same things…

…freedom to spend more time with our families and friends, along with time to truly enjoy our lives. But how do we attain that when we have so much sh*t to do ALL the time?

Creating balance for your work/life/energy/family/self-care may feel virtually impossible at times, but it is possible with daily practice.

In the last five years, I’ve been through two health crises (I learn the hard way sometimes!), done a lot of research and created daily practices to get this whole “balance” thing down.

I talk ALL about these practices in my interview, Getting Off the Hamster Wheel: How to stop stress from wrecking our health on the Women’s Balance Summit, hosted by my dear friend Dr. Mariza Snyder.

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You can sign up here for free – it takes place August 4th-7th.

I believe it is essential that women find a way to get the things we need to accomplish done, without sacrificing our health or happiness. The whole “I’ll-work-my-ass-off-to-achieve-balance” approach is totally passé. It never worked anyways.

The truth is…

Maintaining a healthy life balance is not only essential for happiness and physical well-being; it can be an incredible boost to your energy, productivity, joy and career success.

I started with a question for you and I’ll end with three questions for you…

  • What does a balanced life really mean?
  • What would a balanced life look like to you?
  • And, how do you go about achieving it in the midst of your crazy schedule?

Get answers to these questions on the Women’s Balance Summit from me and 30 other experts who share their best tips, resources and practices!

In the name of inviting balance into your life, I suggest you either register for the event for free and listen each day, or purchase the entire package for $97 and listen to the interviews at your own pace. Just click on Register for Free at the top of the page.

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