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Don’t Overlook Your Exhaustion

Written by my Spring 2017 apprentice, Katie Bressack, this post discusses how feeling overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted is NOT the norm!   A few years ago, I had a three-week span of waking up every morning and feeling like I had been hit by a truck. I had been sleeping eight hours a night, [...]

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How Coffee Affects Your Fertility!

Written by my Spring 2017 apprentice, Danisha Ware, this post discusses how caffeine stresses your body and is harmful for your fertility! What is Caffeine? Caffeine is known as trimethylxanthine, coffeine, theine, mateine,guaranine, methyltheobromine and 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine. It is a xanthine alkaloid found naturally in coffee beans, tea, kola nuts, Yerba mate, guarana berries, and [...]

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Healthy Hormones Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays in New York City are really something to behold. There’s the tree and ice skating in Rockefeller, the Empire State Building all lit up, the Broadway shows and the Radio City Christmas spectacular, the outdoor holiday markets, the decorated windows at all the departments stores, and….the shopping. Yup. There is A LOT [...]

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Post-Pill Acne: Is it inevitable?

Written by my Spring 2017 apprentice, Megan Schwarz, this post discusses the post-pill adjustments you can make to stop acne in its tracks! You likely went on the pill with the best of intentions - to help regulate your cycle, to reduce period pain, or even to clear up stubborn acne. Your doctor probably [...]

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5 tips to knowing and trusting your body

Written by my Spring 2017 apprentice, Alicia Bello, this post discusses how to trust your body, yourself and become an expert on YOU! First step: Know your body and trust yourself. For many years, too many indeed, women who suffered from menstrual or sexual related conditions, were diagnosed as having Hysteria. Fortunately those times [...]

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Why Stress May Be Preventing You From Getting Pregnant — And What You Can Do About It!

Written by my Spring 2017 apprentice, Caroline Ashurst, this post discusses the natural tools  for stress relief and hormonal regulation so you can get pregnant! I’m sure you’ve heard it before: “Stress can prevent you from getting pregnant.” It can be frustrating to hear that, right? You’re probably feeling a little (or a lot) [...]

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