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PP#48:  Are you friends with your body? with Nadia Munla.  On this episode of The Period Party, Nat & Nicole talk with Health & Sensuality Coach, Nadia Munla who is immensely passionate about getting women out of their heads and into their bodies so they can feel vibrant, light and connected again.


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Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode:

  • Nadia explains why we are so scared of our feminine bodies and what got us here.
  • Tips on how to stop fighting your body and get on the same team.
  • Details of the four layers of embodiment.
  • Different moving meditations that help cultivate your sensual energy, strengthen trust in your body wisdom and help you feel safe in your feminine body.

Nadia teaches women about sensual nourishment and embodied power by helping them reconnect to their own body. Through her Embody dance classes, immersion workshops and one-on-one coaching, Nadia has guided women in over 5 continents in their embodiment journey. Feeling disconnected but not sure where to start? Grab her FREE Embodiment Starter Kit.