My friend and Endometriosis expert Melissa Meyer shares her personal journey with Endometriosis below. Read on to learn more…

I remember those nights well. Those ones, where you are lying on the bathroom floor, curled up in the fetal position, just waiting for the pain to die down. My body was in agony from the Endometriosis and from the huge amount of drugs and synthetic hormones, I had been putting into my body. Their side-effects included everything from constipation and diarrhea to nausea, heartburn and extreme mood swings. I thought this was normal and I believed they were part of having Endometriosis.

I went through 15years of taking various different synthetic hormones to “treat” my Endometriosis. I was the regular Guinea Pig for whatever new invention they could muster for Endometriosis sufferers.

After my 7th operation, it was clear that I couldn’t carry on like this anymore. I couldn’t endure another year of dealing with endless side-effects. My body ached, my eyes were sore, I struggled to lose weight and everyone knew me as the moody girl.

I decided to change something. I decided to go off the contraceptive pill that I had been taking for 8 years. I was really scared at first. To me, this was my only way of keeping Endometriosis under control. It was however the main reason for so many of the side-effects I was experiencing. It felt wonderful to be free of the synthetic stuff. It felt liberating to not rely on something else with my Endometriosis.

I also made many changes in my diet and started to eat less junk food, drink less and I ate more regularly.

It was only when I walked into a Gluten Free shop, that my entire reality of food shifted completely. See, the lady in the shop pointed out to me, how I might be gluten sensitive. She illustrated that the puffiness in my arms and stomach and my puffy eyes, where all a sign that my body was not coping with the gluten. She recommended eating a gluten free diet for 2weeks and then consuming a large bowl of pasta, just to see how my body reacted. It was instant. I had a headache, bloating and just felt incredibly tired. It was my first glimmer at the connection with my body’s symptoms and the food I was eating.

I started to pay closer attention to all the foods I ate and how they reacted within my body. At first I cut out dairy, then sugars and meat. Gluten was one of the biggest ones to cut out and it made the most difference in my body. My body was constantly in “fight mode” because of the reaction it had to gluten.

I have been on a journey, to treat my Endometriosis with natural methods and I cannot believe the difference it has made. My Gynecologist never put any emphasis on what I ate. Neither did my doctor. It seemed so trivial but in retrospect, it was so obvious. What we feed ourselves, is the fuel for our bodies. It is where we get our nutrients from. If we are eating foods that aggravate and inflame our bodies, then it will be more inflamed. If we eat pure, nutrient dense foods, we will have more energy and more healing power for the body.

Since changing my diet and incorporating other forms of holistic health, such as Yoga and emotional healing, my journey with Endometriosis feels so much more in control. I don’t even notice I have it on most days. I don’t have daily pain anymore. I don’t feel the need to have an operation anymore. I feel strong and have energy and have lost heaps of weight. I feel really good.

I have shared my personal journey in using natural methods on my blog. It can give you all the tools you need to feel better with Endometriosis. You don’t need to suffer in pain each day. You don’t need to endure nasty side-effects from synthetic drugs. You can be everything you wanted and have everything you wanted, before finding out about Endometriosis.

Melissa is our Endometriosis Specialist with over 20 years of personal and expert experience on the subject. You can visit her website on: She has written over 500 articles to help women with Endometriosis. Join her free Video Mini Series and discover how to finally get control with Endometriosis.