Taking the “ug” out of Uggs

A very wise Chinese doctor once told me that all physical aches and pains in our bodies originate in the feet. I feel like that could almost be an old Chinese proverb. At the time I didn’t believe him, but then again I was only 21 and had never lived in New York City 🙂 [...]

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Bar None

I’m sitting in a cab eating a Luna Bar. A S’mores Luna Bar to be precise. I kind of feel like I’m eating a candy bar, even though this particular company claims my little bar has heaps of the good stuff…calcium, folic acid, vitamin D, iron…you name it! It’s also got 9 grams of protein [...]

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Beauty – Part Two

Continued from previous post… Ever since Charles Darwin came out with his Origin of The Species, beauty has transitioned from a topic normally resigned to philosophers and artists, to being a subject open to scientific inquiry.  It moved from an abstract concept to an identifiable product of evolution that was intertwined with the laws of [...]

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Beauty – Part One

Living in New York City I am constantly bombarded with images of what our collective societal brain considers to be the gold standard of feminine beauty.  Just walking down the street I’m haunted by super-size billboards of super-thin models who stare down at me through those perfect blue eyes and smile as though to say, [...]

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