I’m going to give you a little task today. I’d like you to make a list, could be on a sticky note or in your journal. If you blog, it could be a new post to inspire your tribe.

Explore simple. As we are looking to make space for joy and purpose in our life, our health, even our relationships, starting with simple can challenge us. We say we want it, but what is it really? I want us to know.

My Simple 10

::Rain boots – took me a year and a half of living in NYC to buy some, now they make rainy days simple
::Green Juice – bought from the store, I don’t have to always make it
::A kiss or hug – from or to someone
::Clean sheets – that “clean sheet smell” brings so much joy and renewal
::Asking for help – it is so much harder to do it all without support
::Hot tea – I really could drink it hot and stop leaving it to get cold
::Tissues and paper towels – having enough so they are there when I need them
::Making the bed – all of 2 minutes, right, and a whole lot of happiness
::Putting my keys in the same place every time – yep, easy peasy
::Feeling my feelings now, not later – I am going to keep learning this one over and over

Simple becomes a system, a rhythm that we must create. Sometimes simple is eliminating, often it is adding. Simple knows no limits, it can stretch its magic into places you never imagined it could go. If you let it.

Simplify with me today and if you feel like sharing I would love to read your list.
Close your eyes for just a minute before you think of your simple and just let your mind be still. Chances are in the stillness you are going to get lots of simple 🙂