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PP#47: Eco-Woman: Natural choices for birth control, sexuality and menstruation. On this episode of The Period Party, Nat & Nicole talk with Kim & Amy Sedgwick, Co-Founders of Red Tent Sisters, a business that has been providing holistic fertility, sexuality and contraceptive solutions since 2007.

Natural choices for birth control, sexuality and menstruation

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Here are the hot topics that we cover during this episode:

  • Environmental concerns related to various birth control methods
  • Natural alternatives to hormonal birth control (FAM)
  • Environmental and health concerns associated with the sex toy industry
  • Environmental concerns related to menstrual products
  • Best menstrual health products for the environment and your health

About Amy & Kim

Amy is trained as a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner who specializes in helping women ditch the pill and adopt natural, effective birth control. Kim runs their “sister” business, (Canada’s first eco-friendly sexuality store) and coaches women who are ready to begin claiming and communicating their erotic desires.

Together, they provide support to women worldwide through their online courses, YouTube videos, and social media channels, and are known for their professional yet candid “sisterly” advice. Check them out at Red Tent Sisters!