Adaptogenic Herbs for Women’s Hormonal Health

Today I'm talking all about adaptogenic herbs. And I am psyched to introduce you to my dear friend Dr. Aviva Romm, a midwife, a Yale-trained MD, a herbalist, mother, grandmother and now author! She's even a mentor in my upcoming Apprenticeship Program, (learn all about it in this free video series here).   Basically she's a genius, but [...]

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How to balance hormones naturally – step #1!

Ask Nicole! Each month I pull a question from the ladies in my Know Your Flow group and answer it here on the blog and in my newsletter. May Question: The terms “glycemic index”, “blood sugar imbalance” and “insulin resistance” are often thrown around on the internet, but what the heck do they actually mean? [...]

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6 Ways to Kick Your PMS Cravings

Guest post by one of my lovely Fall 2015 apprentices Fatima Mahida, on easy solutions for your PMS cravings! It’s that time of the month when you start feeling cramps. It feels like someone is drilling on top of your uterus. You're wondering where all your energy went and there's the potential for a migraine as well. [...]

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