4 Ways To Live More In Your Feminine

Guest post by the amazing Ali Schueler. Her mission is to passionately offer experience-based tools that inspire life-changing awakening in the feminine worldwide, promoting emotional empowerment, spiritual fulfillment, and a connection to our bodies and its natural cycles. What does it even mean to “live in the feminine”? I feel there is an epidemic in today’s [...]

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Anxiety: The word of the day

The word anxiety seems to be popping up everywhere. Almost every woman I know has some form of anxiety about one or many different aspects of her life. Why is this? Could the immense amount of societal pressure we experience be dictating this? After all, we're told that we must be doing something (productive or [...]

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What’s Your Period Story?

Do you know what day of the month it is? More importantly, do you know what day of your menstrual cycle you’re on? If you’re like many women, you are probably pretty mystified by your period and cycle in general, so you’re not alone if you don’t know. I used to be that girl. At [...]

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Are you estrogen dominant?

It happens every month exactly 7-10 days before your period. The week from hell. You start to brace yourself because you know it so well. Your boobs are swollen and getting bigger by the minute. Your muffin top seems to have taken on a life of it's own. You've got a case of "the bloat" which [...]

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Period Love = Self Love

Do you remember what the experience of your first period was like? Was it exciting, memorable or terrible? What was your initial reaction? Did you talk to your mom and your friends about it? I'll tell you about mine. I was 12 and I had a feeling it was coming. So I wore a pad [...]

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Re-ignite Your 5-Year Old Spark in 2013!

This is my god-daughter Zaniah. Isn't she cute? And doesn't this photo make you smile big? When her mama sent me this picture I stared at it for a good while because it got me thinking about all the dreams and aspirations and silly fun I used to have when I was young. Doesn't this [...]

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Lessons Learned in 2012 & a Year-End Ritual

I distinctly remember writing my end-of-year blog post on this exact date in 2011. I was in a much different place a year ago - for the first time in a really long time I was not in a relationship and feeling totally alone and terrified!  While nothing could have prepared me for how incredibly [...]

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Loving Your Ladies Could Save Your Life

In honor of breast cancer awareness month and all women who have been touched by breast cancer, I decided to interview my colleague and dear friend Alyssa Millman on everyday breast health awareness and what women can do to be proactive in their own breast care. Enjoy! Nicole: What is your title and what do [...]

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Strawberry Banana Breakfast-in-Bed Cookies

I thought I'd start the week off with some sexy baking fun. This recipe was created by my lovely friend Jesa Henneberry, Natural Foods Chef extraordinaire! Entice your luvah to hit the snooze button a few more times and stay in bed a bit longer to nibble on these  “Breakfast in Bed Cookies” that are [...]

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