Is Sugar Destroying Our Children’s Future Fertility?

I'm a little fired up this week after watching the documentary Fed Up this past weekend. I'm not going to sugar-coat (no pun intended) this week's post because I consider the discussion on food and our children's health to be of utmost importance. I take it very seriously and my hope is to inspire you to take [...]

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Cleaning Up Your Act

In 1971 President Nixon and Congress declared war on cancer. So what’s happened in the 40 years since? Just a whole lot more cancer. Today, the United States has the seventh highest cancer rate in the world!! While heart disease is on a slight decline in the U.S., the cost to treat it is expected to triple by [...]

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Little Cupcake Bakeshop

I went to dinner last night with my fabulous friend Vanessa. We ate at Lovely Day, one of our favorite places. They do great Thai inspired dishes that are all kinds of brown rice and sauteed veggies healthy! For some reason though, the healthy stuff just wasn’t enough and what I really wanted to do was indulge in some refined sugar badness after dinner. Now, I know what sugar does to me. I know how lousy I feel after I eat the sweet stuff and that initial jolt subsides. But I also believe in balance – I’m not a purist, at least not when it comes to cupcakes. Vanessa was also PMSing; this of course only fueled the cravings fire! In addition to this, we were right around the corner from The Little Cupcake Bakeshop. Yes, I actually know where all the cupcake shops are in NYC – knowledge that served me well in my former life! […]

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Fresh Food

I was born and raised on the island of Antigua in the West Indies.   Growing up on a Caribbean island definitely had its advantages (sun, sea and sand..what more could a kid want?) but a common misconception is that there is an abundance of fresh food.  My friends in the US don't believe me when [...]

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