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4 Ways To Live More In Your Feminine

Share this: Guest post by the amazing Ali Schueler. Her mission is to passionately offer experience-based tools that inspire life-changing awakening in the feminine worldwide, promoting emotional empowerment, spiritual fulfillment, and a connection to our bodies and its natural cycles. What does it even mean to “live in the feminine”? I feel there is an epidemic […]

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Is Your Shampoo messing with your hormones?

Share this: Most likely it is. Do you know that the average bottle of shampoo has 15 different chemicals in it? The image below pretty much sums it up – a woman’s typical morning routine exposes her to approximately 515 of these scary chemicals before she’s even left the house! Yikes!         […]

The Self Love Tour

Top 4 Ways to Love Yourself This Valentines Day

Share this: Happy (almost) Valentines Day!! On Valentine’s Day, it’s so easy to get caught up in fear-based thinking. If you are single, you can get down on yourself for not being in a relationship and you start thinking that you aren’t good enough or you’ll never find someone. No good! And if you are […]

Re-ignite Your 5-Year Old Spark in 2013!

Share this: This is my god-daughter Zaniah. Isn’t she cute? And doesn’t this photo make you smile big? When her mama sent me this picture I stared at it for a good while because it got me thinking about all the dreams and aspirations and silly fun I used to have when I was young. […]