The Naked Truth About Running

A few years ago, an extremely well known and well respected strength and conditioning coach named Mike Boyle wrote a scathing article about why women shouldn’t be running. The running community, particularly female runners, went on to write passionate reviews about why running had saved them and how running is the most amazing form of [...]

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Anxiety: The word of the day

The word anxiety seems to be popping up everywhere. Almost every woman I know has some form of anxiety about one or many different aspects of her life. Why is this? Could the immense amount of societal pressure we experience be dictating this? After all, we're told that we must be doing something (productive or [...]

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What’s Your Period Story?

Do you know what day of the month it is? More importantly, do you know what day of your menstrual cycle you’re on? If you’re like many women, you are probably pretty mystified by your period and cycle in general, so you’re not alone if you don’t know. I used to be that girl. At [...]

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Lengthen your luteal phase

Two of the most common questions I get are "How do I lengthen my luteal phase?" and "How do I lengthen my cycle in general?" Great questions indeed because I am personally familiar with the issue of having a too-short luteal phase and the suffering it causes me and the people around me (hee hee). [...]

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The Cortisol Connection

It has been a huge week for me and it's only Wednesday! On Monday afternoon I spoke live on the Infertility 2 Pregnancy Virtual Summit and then spoke on a panel event called "The Balancing Act of an Entrepreness." Apparently I can talk about this stuff all day long! :) Upon reflection, I realized that [...]

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