I’ve just loved this course! So much information but relayed in a really easy, fun manner. A great balance of theoretical and practice advice. Most of all it’s clarified how food and the environment impacts my hormonal health – there is so much contradictory information out there which can be very overwhelming, and I feel like this course has clarified a lot for me – like the last jigsaw piece completing the complicated puzzle…thank you Nicole!

The program has really helped me make sense of how I need to eat, not just for my hormonal health, but for my overall health. I feel more confident knowing which foods to eat when I’m going to a restaurant or shopping at the supermarket, and which lifestyle choices are best for my body.

But most of all, since implementing the program, I’ve got heaps more energy, my tummy troubles have diminished and my thyroid autoimmune issues are almost in remission. I think that all speaks for itself!!

Maria Valastro -Brisbane, Australia

Desiree P

Where do I even begin…the last 3-4 years I have been struggling with fatigue, mood swings, irritability, loss of interest to do things, no libido, body aches, bloated, slow recovery from working out, etc. the list goes on and on. Of course, when seeking medical attention, I was told to go on anti-depressants/anxiety medication. Although, I believe medication does have it’s time and place, I just knew that there was more to it for me that I needed to figure out. So a year and a half ago I went off birth control, and things only got worseL. Mood swings became very intense, I would spend many days just isolating myself, I had irregular or no periods, was not ovulating, migraines, I had gained almost 10lbs., terrible brain fog or unable to concentrate, etc.I started working with a naturopathic, endocrinologist, gynecologist, and an incredible Life Coach (Caroline Zwick) to work on healing my body. Thankfully my Life Coach, Caroline Zwick, recommended that I consider enrolling in Nicole’s Fix Your Period 8-week program; this was the most life changing decision I have ever made!Prior to starting the FYP program, I had a very unfortunate experience with the first endocrinologist I saw. She had basically chewed me out for trying to go the more natural approach and told me I had two options, go back on BC or anti-depressants/anxiety medication. Needless to say I left there in tears. The good news is, I had started the FYP program with Nicole and through the information I was learning I understood that I needed to seek out an endocrinologist that specialties in female hormones, endocrine and adrenal functionality and disorders.

Through the FYP program, I have learned endless and priceless information that has been completely life changing for me. The biggest life changer for me was the information regarding stress, endocrine system, and adrenal glands. I have a lot of background and experience in nutrition, exercise, vitamins, etc. but none of this even came close to what I learned about the damage I was doing to my body from the level of stress in my life. In addition, I learned so much about how BC negatively impacts the female body.

The FYP program guided me to discover that I had little to no progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, etc. in my body. My endocrine system was shutting down, I had adrenal fatigue, and in addition I was only progressing my kidney disease (I have polycystic kidney disease). I was a mess! All this was a result of 3 major factors in my life: being on BC for almost 15 years, very high levels of stress, and over exercising. All this I learned about in Nicole’s FYP program.

3 months after beginning Nicole’s FYP program I am a completely different person! I have regular periods, I OVULATED for the first time in almost 15 years, my mood is much more stable, no longer bloated, I have a good level of energy for most of the month, I enjoy things again, I have more libido, the 10lbs have basically just fell off, no more migraine headaches, I have mental clarity, and all my hormone levels are normal/healthy range again!

I AM ME AGAIN! And it’s all contributed to the education, information, inspiration, and empowerment Nicole has provided in her programs. To me, Nicole is a lifesaver and angel! I will forever be grateful to how she has helped make my life mine again! With the most gratitude, thank you from the bottom of my heart Nicole, you truly have changed my life!

Desiree P. – Maple Grove, MN.


Prior to Nicole’s Fix Your Period program, I felt like I had hit rock bottom with my health.Everything snowballed when I went off the pill 1.5 years prior, had a lot of emotional stress going on and was eating a vegan/plant-based diet. My gut was a mess (leaky gut and bloating), I struggled really bad with urticaria hives (I was literally allergic to being touched), I was so incredibly fatigued, I had worse acne than I had when I was a teen (which was pretty damn bad!) and I didn’t even have the slightest hint of a period in 18 months (oh, P.S – I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17).Needless to say, I had no idea where to start. And that’s where Nicole’s program came in. In just 6 months of implementing (almost) everything I learn’t from Nicole, I had cleared up my acne, my hives were gone, I was no longer so fatigued (this for me is still a work in progress though), my gut was beginning to heal and I GOT MY PERIOD BACK (I honestly don’t think anyone has ever been as excited about getting their period before as I was!).

Although I am still not regular, my period returning was a sign that my body was healing and that I was on the right track. I cannot wait to see where my health and cycle will be in another 6 months, continuing on this current path. I hold so much gratitude for Nicole and the work she is doing. She is simply amazing.

Monica Yaxley, Health Coach – Tasmania, Australia. Website:

Encouraging news for the Bring Back Your Period ladies! I have now had two periods! The first was at the beginning of April and today I just started my second cycle! 

I’ve been off the pill since the beginning of January (after being on the pill for 10 years). The last time I went off the pill two years ago my period didn’t come back, not even after taking prometrium/the progesterone challenge which resulted in a diagnosis of hypothalamic amenorrhea. I definitely credit the Bring Back Your Period Masterclass and all the lovely ladies who took part! Thanks Nicole Jardim!!!

Lauren L., BC, Canada


I just want to give a SHOUT-OUT to this program. When I started 4 months ago, my skin (moderate to occasionally severe acne) was so bad that I wouldn’t have dreamed of leaving the house without a face-full of makeup. My jawline and chin were covered with painful cysts; needless to say, I felt extremely insecure. I’m an actor and I had been desperately in need of new headshots, but felt waaaaaaay too insecure and unattractive to get them done. OH MY GOODNESS, how things have changed.THE GOOD NEWS: Yesterday I finally got my headshots done. And GUESS what the FIRST thing my make-up artist says to me: “OMG Your skin is FLAWLESS!” FLAWLESS! I had to do a double-take. I looked in the mirror in front me, and completely make-up free, baby-faced, my skin looked lovely- in fact, I was kind of glowing (and thanks to FAM, it was NOT because I was preggers ;)). This is probably the best my skin has looked since my pre-teen years, and my skin used to be pretty okay.I can’t express how amazing that was for me and how crazy it is that just FOUR MONTHS ago I would have literally ran from a camera in my face like the PLAGUE, and yesterday I was able to have that beautiful experience.

Thank you Nicole Jardim for this program and for all your support, and for anyone still struggling, I hope this gives you some hope!

Rachel Werline, Actress – Los Angeles, CA.


I was diagnosed at age 13 with type 1 diabetes. With insulin being a hormone my body does not make, that set off all sorts of imbalances. I first heard Nicole speak at a fertility summit a year ago and I knew immediately she could help me.The year prior, my body began to change and I didn’t understand why. All the doctors I went to told me everything was fine based on the lab test results.

Here is the thing, I already had a health coach and had already made some serious lifestyle changes prior to ever speaking with Nicole. However, I was so impressed with her knowledge on hormones that I signed up for her private coaching.

So glad I did! She really took the time to provide rationale behind every recommendation. I was the first type 1 diabetic she had ever worked with and if she wasn’t aware of something, she asked someone who could help. I loved the online classes in conjunction with the personalized coaching from Nicole.

It has been 5 months since my coaching sessions with Nicole completed and my health is definitely in a much better place. In addition to being healthier, I have a much better understanding of my body. This knowledge has helped me continue to make better choices based on my biology.

I realize health is an ongoing journey, and I look forward to continuing to see progress with all the changes I have incorporated. Nicole has been a huge support and I really appreciate her guidance and encouragement along the way.

Jumana A. – Washington DC.


My time as an apprentice with Nicole not only empowered me with knowledge about how to heal my own body, but gave me the knowledge to support other women in doing the same. The one-on-one attention facilitated a lot of individual growth in me as I became more in-tune with my femininity and my body!And the calls gave me a significant arsenal of tools from which to pull from as I help other women in healing their hormones and becoming their most fully-expressed feminine self.

Breana Gilcher, Oboist and Wellness Coach – Tallahassee, Florida. Website:

Beautiful Young Woman

The reason I started Nicole’s program was that I want to be fertile, to feel my best, and to get my hormones in balance. I had a miscarriage this year, after that I put in a IUD (copper, not hormonal) because I thought that was the only option for me if I didn’t want to become pregnant and not take hormones. During the time with the IUD my period became irregular, short and very small. I then started to look for other options, I wanted an all natural alternative. I took out the IUD, and I started the Fix Your Period program.The program helped me find a natural, healthy diet. By trial and error I found which foods made me feel balanced and energized, and what made me feel tired and anxious. I became more and more aware of how different food and drinks affects me. I felt great. So when suddenly my period didn’t come a few months in to the program and was lost for three months I was really confused. And worried.

I reached out to Nicole for help and as soon as I did, we realized there was one important issue I had been ignoring completely. My emotions. My feelings about being a woman. I think it was something my body wanted to tell me and I wasn’t listening. When I did, it only took a few days and my period returned! Sometimes, you just have to ask the right questions.

I’m still exploring and learning about my body, AND my thoughts and emotions and I have also learned not to be afraid to ask for help and guidance. And for support, which was offered freely in this program and the Facebook group. Women are truly amazing in supporting each other when they want to!

Lisa R, Sweden.


I took Nicole’s Fix Your Period (FYP) PMS eight week course because I was looking for a nutritional program that would compliment the reproductive manual therapy I offer my clients. The Fix Your Period course exceeded my expectations in so many ways! I thought the course would be an in-depth nutritional course for reproductive health, but the FYP course goes way beyond nutrition. The course offers a holistic approach to regaining vibrant health no matter what your hormonal imbalance is. The way Nicole designed the course keeps you on track without leaving you feeling overwhelmed. I’m blown away by Nicole’s knowledge and ability to present the complex endocrine system in a way that is easy to understand.Far too often I’ve seen women suffering from infertility, PMS, painful periods or other reproductive complaints who have had an array of hormonal tests done, but have no idea what the results mean, the cause of their hormonal imbalance, or what to do to do about it (aside from the all too common suggestion to just use a hormonal cream or take a pill that masks the symptoms).What Nicole teaches EMPOWERS women with the knowledge of how the body works and tools to use to reclaim a healthy vibrant life. I wholeheartedly believe the Fix Your Period eight week course should be required material for every woman.

Barbara Loomis, Abdominal Therapist specializing in reproductive and digestive health –Portland, OR.



I admit to debating whether I wanted to spend the money on the course in the first place, even with the discount, just because I wasn’t quite sure what I would get out of it. Now, my head’s spinning with so much information! Worth every penny (and more)! I love the FB group and that I can really get my personalized questions answered. Within two months of doing the program I got pregnant and as you can see, I have a beautiful baby girl!

Dori W. – Baltimore, MD


Nicole’s program has been nothing short of amazing. Fix Your Period is the perfect combination of hands-on education about natural, holistic health and fertility, and a heart-based approach to honoring the female body.Personally I have always considered myself very healthy, but when I came off the birth control pill at 29, my period was nowhere in sight. It was scary because I have always known that I want to have kids in the future. It was also confusing because I got so many mixed messages from my regular doctor who simply told me to go back on the pill -which I just knew wasn’t right.Nicole’s program and sensitivity as a practitioner took the fear factor out of the equation when it comes to grasping how my hormones work and how I can affect my own fertility through simple natural choices. I understand the body from a scientific perspective and feel much more at home in my own female body than I ever have.My period is on its way back to regularity and my hormones are increasingly back in sync. My work with Nicole has left me feeling super empowered and excited about the abilities of my own body! Thank you!!!!

Caroline Zwick, Author & Life Coach – New York City, NY Website:

Sophie C

I’ve had PCOS for 15 years, and had been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for two years following a miscarriage. I had a long menstrual cycle and I felt like my hormones were beyond my control.I had tried so many things, special diets, supplements, soy isoflavinates, clomid, metformin, acupuncture, Chinese medicine – I’d pretty much tried everything I could think of!And then came Nicole…As well as all the useful information in the course, Nicole helped me to decide on a single path and gave me the support to follow it. She suggested particular supplements, exercises and reading specific to my situation, and made me feel like I wasn’t going mad.The course gave a really useful basic knowledge of how my body worked (or didn’t!) and what I could do to adjust that, but I really really liked having a voice on the end of the phone to encourage me, guide me and take the pressure off me having to make all the decisions. I loved our fortnightly catch ups – a mixture of checking in, new things to try and conversations about all the bits of life that you think don’t influence your hormonal health but do. Nicole really knows her shit. Within 2 months of starting the program I became pregnant naturally, and the healthy habits I set up then have lead me on to a healthy and happy pregnancy. I also experienced my first ever non-painful period (who knew that was even possible?!).

I have already recommended Nicole’s course to friends! Understanding how your body works is so empowering, such a gift. I consider the money spent on the course to be some of the best I’ve ever spent – I was on the verge of starting an expensive and no doubt exhausting round of IVF which, thanks to the course, I no longer need.

There are so many things in life that you get caught up in – work, friends, family – that it’s only when you really think about it that you realise how much sub-optimum health you are accepting for yourself. Maximising your hormones not only makes you feel like an invincible lady-ninja, but gives you so much back, and all that extra juice in your life boost your work and play too, so it’s a win-win!

Sophie Cresswell – New South Wales, Australia


Nicole has been an amazing source of knowledge for myself and my business. She knows so much about our hormones and really knows how to get them back on track. If you are ever in doubt about why yours might be acting out, then she is totally your girl! I would call her the Hormone Expert! She has helped 100′s of women and I am sure she will help even 100′s more. We are incredibly blessed to have her to consult with from anywhere in the world.

Melissa M. Turner, Endometriosis Specialist – New Zealand. Website:

Natasha Belgium

The results of my working with Nicole have been phenomenal. I’ve stopped having problems during my cycle, which still surprises me (it’s been over a year now!). But what’s even more surprising is that the evil 5 pounds I’ve been losing and then invariably gaining back again, have finally melted away and never come back. I’ve never had more energy or felt healthier. So very grateful for my work with Nicole!

Natasha Vorompiova, The Systems Chick – Brussels, Belgium. Website:


After speaking with Nicole during our first session, I immediately knew that her program could help me!I have struggled with PMS and anxiety for many years and wanted to learn more about how my hormones were impacting my health. I wasn’t having any luck finding the information I was looking for and was so happy to learn about Nicole and her work.I learned so much about hormones through the Fix Your Period program. It was fascinating! What was even more wonderful was learning how I could support my hormonal health naturally with food, botanicals, supplements and choosing natural body care.I became so inspired by what I was learning that I took a huge leap of faith and signed up for a culinary nutrition program where I’m going to learn more about health-supportive, whole foods nutrition! And my PMS symptoms have definitely decreased since making changes to my diet and self-care – I can’t even begin to say how grateful I am for that!

Nicole has positively influenced my life in more ways than one for sure!Beyond the great knowledge Nicole has to offer, she is wonderfully supportive of her community. She does everything in her power to bring women the resources they need to become empowered when it comes to their hormonal health. Her program was just what I needed! I couldn’t recommend Nicole and her program more.

Kate McPherson Hope – St. Louis, MO

Liz V

My husband and I are thrilled that we will be expecting our first baby this summer. I was so surprised to get pregnant as quickly as I did and I attribute part of that success to your “Fix your Period” program. I learned so much through that five week program and I truly feel like it helped me get my hormones back on track and ultimately helped me conceive.I am hoping to start a health coaching program when I graduate from IIN later this year. I would love the flexibility to be able to stay home with my baby and help others achieve their personal best with their health. Your program definitely helped me while I was on my journey and I would love to do that for others.

Liz V. –  Washington, DC


Hi Nicole,I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you so much for all your help.. I am so fortunate and grateful to have stumbled upon your website.You have such a big heart and so much knowledge – the perfect combination for helping women…And help me you did! Not only has my period been back now for three months ( I’m actually so excited by this!) but you changed the whole way I think about my life, body and food and I really appreciate it.I had really made a mess of things going on in my body, but your classes taught me to get to know my body and its uniqueness, appreciate it and learn to love it… It has transformed my world.I couldn’t do it alone and I appreciate all your support and check-ins – you are so generous with your time! Thank you! All the best for your year aheadEmily XOXO

Emily W. – Australia

Ali Leipzig

Nicole is THE woman you want supporting you and your hormones.I’ve dealt with PCOS for a decade, have a degree in Integrative Nutrition, and I still don’t understand half of what is going on in my body. This past spring, my thyroid was going crazy and I had no clue what to do! Enter Nicole, who guided me through exactly what I needed to do, what blood tests to get, and reminded me that I was going to be okay.Nicole is not only a wealth of knowledge surrounding anything hormone-related, but understands what you are going through, because she has been there herself. In a world where healing your hormonal health feels like one big mystery, Nicole is a breath of fresh air. She gets it and she can help you heal it.

Alison Leipzig, Body Confidence Coach – New York, NY. Website:


Nicole, I just wanted to email you and tell you how impressed and thankful I am to you! I was really hesitant to do this, because you know how these things can be, you spend $500 and then after think, “I could have bought a $75 book and got the same info”, but that is NOT the case with your course. So far, I have found it very well rounded and easy to grasp. It’s funny how much of a difference it makes just knowing what is going on with my body.My mom says I should have done this ages ago. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Joanna J. – Charleston, South Carolina


I started seeing Nicole because I struggle with PCOS and secondary infertility. I had very irregular periods and a whole host of other PCOS symptoms. I had tried some PCOS medications and infertility drugs prior to seeking Nicole’s help but neither were successful. Nicole taught me A LOT. Beyond what she taught me about nutrition, endocrinology, spirituality, to name a few, she made me feel that I had a friend to help me through my struggle. It was refreshing to speak to someone who actually took my ailments seriously and understood how difficult it was for me, as a woman, to suffer from conditions that made me feel less womanly.Through working with Nicole, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about how to eat right for my body based on my hormonal needs. It is a different approach to nutrition specifically designed and catered for a woman. Her methods go outside the box and are so far from and better than your typical “eat right” fads. I would recommend her program to anyone for any reason. The program primed my body to do what I was hoping for… I am now pregnant with twins and I could not be more thrilled. This time around, keeping up with what I learned from Nicole, I am having an easier and healthier pregnancy and remembering to take care of myself. It sounds so simple but it’s not when you own your own business, work too much, are pregnant and exhausted with a wild almost-3-year-old boy at home. It is not just about fixing your period, Nicole and the program are so much bigger than that. Nicole Rocks!

Jordana S., Attorney – Boca Raton, FL

Sharna O

As far as testimony there is such much to be said. I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of this ongoing journey. I first heard about Nicole through a fertility summit a few months back. Upon seeing the topic that she was planning to speak on even before I heard her speak I signed up for her newsletter and started reading her blogs.Nicole has so much information to share, but it’s more than information – she genuinely has a caring spirit that shines through in her assistance to women. Although I’m still learning because of all the knowledge that Nicole has imparted all my friends think I’m some sort of period genius now. *smile*I’ve been suffering with PCOS and painful heavy periods for about 4 years. I’ve researched and tried a lot of different things in an effort to relieve the symptoms.About a year ago I decided to get really serious and try the natural approach and deal with my body as a whole and through the laws of attraction I believe it connected me with Nicole. This chick is awesome. She helped me to really pinpoint what I should eliminate from my diet and what I should include in it. She also helped me to appreciate that although I may be taking appropriate supplements and botanicals that if I’m not taking the right amount I wouldn’t see the results I was aiming for.I also thank Nicole for being a listening ear when I needed to vent about a few things. I’m taking a slower progressive approach but there have been small changes that I have become more cognizant of lately. My sugar levels are more balanced at meals, I’m including more grains of different varieties & leafy green veggies and healthy fats at every opportunity. My energy levels have increased and I know that eventually I will get my whole body not just my cycle in order.

Sharna O., Student – Baltimore, MD

When I found Nicole I had been off the pill for a few months and was struggling with my cycle, or the absence of it. I had made some life style changes and made sure I took extra care of myself, but for some reason I wouldn’t get my cycle back. That’s when I found Nicole, spent hours digging in her blog and had a lovely consultation session with her on skype. That was the beginning of an amazing journey for me. Over the past months I have radically redefined the concept of womanhood. I have learned so much about myself and my body, and I have made more necessary life style and nutrition changes. As for my cycle, the situation has improved a tremendously, for one, I got my period back!!! It was a very easy period and I feel I am so much more in contact with my body. I have started charting my cycle and I am loving it! I am still a work in progress and I feel my body needs more time to get adjusted, but I know I am on the right path.What I love about Nicole’s program is the way she has set it up – it becomes naturally a part of your daily life without getting overwhelming. Every week you get great information and practical tips that you can start implementing right away. By the end of the course you’ll be surprised how many positive changes you’ve made over such a short period of time. The best part is that you’ll feel so much better in your skin and you’ll learn to listen to your body. And yes, you will fall madly in love with yourself! Also, having Nicole holding your hand and being there for you with her knowledge and expertise makes such a big difference. Oh, and as a bonus you have access to the most amazing private FB community of lovely ladies! So, overall this journey has been very empowering as a woman. The best part of it – you can keep the changes and the ladies in your life!

Helina M., Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I have loved Nicole’s course. One of the reasons I signed up for the course was I knew my hormones were out of balance and I was also trying to get pregnant. In the past I had suffered from endometriosis and constant attacks of cystitis so I knew something was not quite right. I had only just begun the course when I discovered the good news that I was pregnant! I am now 9 weeks along and hopefully everything will continue to go well.I had done a lot of research myself online and embarked on diet changes from January of this year (eating a mainly wholefoods, plant based diet) but the information on Nicole’s course helped in a huge way as it confirmed I was going in the right direction and was also a really practical help (loved the e-book of recipes). I also went for acupuncture and took herbs to help me when trying to conceive. I just wish I had discovered Nicole’s course a lot sooner as I honestly believe it would have saved me months of pain and drama.  I found Nicole’s course to be hugely beneficial. It confirmed my belief that the foods I put into my body were causing a hormonal imbalance and various health problems. I was struggling with terrible pms, bloating and painful periods which prompted me to join the course. In the past I had also suffered from endometriosis and I now believe that the changes to my diet & lifestyle will stop any recurrence. The help Nicole gave me was also very practical and I love making the recipes from her ebook. Thank you Nicole for providing me with the knowledge to keep my body balanced and happy.

Caroline S. – Dublin, Ireland

This year, my husband and I decided that we were ready to have a baby. However, I had noticed that since going off of birth control, my periods were extremely irregular. In fact, I had only receieved my period 3 times during the year. Knowing this, I was concerned and therefore, went to see my obg. He had informed me that I may, in fact, have some problems getting pregnant and diagnosed me with PCOS.In addition, he recommended that I see a fertility specialist in order to get the ball rolling.The fertility clinic gave me several blood tests, and by doing this, they found out that I had high prolactin levels due to a prolactinoma, a.k.a. a tumor in the pituitary gland.At that point, they told me that without help, aka IVF, I would not be able to get pregnant. I was very concerned and quickly contacted Nicole.First and foremost, Nicole provided me with hope and encouragement that everything will be ok. She created an amazing plan for me regarding what I should eat and what to avoid. She constantly checked up with me to make sure that I was doing ok and to keep providing me with Information and motivation.

After 3 months of following Nicole’s plan, I became pregnant completely naturally. It was a miracle and I am so grateful to her! Nicole really was amazing in my quest to get pregnant and was there for me whenever I needed her. She is an awesome person, health coach and now friend.

Danielle W. – Queens, NY


I feel very fortunate to have met Nicole. She is so full of energy she could make any topic fun to talk about, even periods!While I don’t have any major period issues I personally struggle with, I found the information she shares in her Fix Your Period program to be incredibly helpful in other areas of health (so much so that I’ve created a binder full of her helpful tips!)After taking her course, I’m pleased to report the minor menstrual symptoms I was experiencing (breast tenderness and moderate cramps) have almost disappeared!It is really eye opening to learn just how much hormones affect all areas of your health. It deeply frustrates me that our health system focuses so much on pharmaceuticals when there are so many answers that lie within our own bodies.I really enjoyed learning what you can do with your diet to make positive changes. One of my favorite ah-ha moments is when she said, “People need to stop thinking of greens as a main dish, but a side dish.” I know I’m not the only one thinking salads (and other greens) belong on the side.It was extremely valuable to learn how much control one can take over their own health (menstrual or other) by learning healthy (non-pharma) ways to manage hormones and their effects. I think it is a disservice we are not taught these things in school.Thank you Nicole for all the great work you are doing to not only improve women’s periods, but their lives!

Tara Bruley, Owner, Be Prepared Period – Seattle, WA. Website:


I stumbled upon Nicole’s FYP program while searching the web looking up natural options for birth control. Being someone who suffered severe cramps, to the point of nearly passing out, my interest was definitely piqued! Although I felt like I was nutritionally well balanced and aware of the good and bad’s in food around us, I wanted to hear what she had to say. So, I skeptically booked a phone consult.After hearing the things Nicole had to say about how I could feel about my period I wanted to learn more.In addition to cramps I also experienced major mood swings, head aches, extreme tiredness, hunger and CRAVINGS!!! I had come to grips with the fact that each month I would be experiencing these symptoms for about a week and a half to two weeks a month. That’s nearly half the month!!Spending half my time in misery was getting old. I was ready to put all my effort into feeling better. Knowing that working to make a better version of me would mean a better life for my kids, family and friends around me.During the program I learned such diverse things. I learned nutrition. Being that I have celiac disease I have always been into reaching and knowing all things nutrition. As I said, I thought that I knew a lot to know about the topics Nicole would be covering. None the less she went above and beyond to explain why certain things were good or bad, what effects that had on our daily lives, as well as our physical well being (short term and long term). Most important she explained the effects it would have on us as women. I also learned a lot about myself during this program. My outlook on life and my cycle has been impacted in a positive way!The results that I have seen since going through the FYP program are amazing! I have no cramps at all! Not even a little ache! Bloating (which I wasn’t even aware that I was having until after not having it) is gone! Headaches gone! Cravings are gone! I realized the tiredness was due to insomnia that was happening and now is not! My energy levels are higher than ever! I don’t crash in the middle of the day. And my mood swings, while they are still happening, are not nearly as extreme as they were.

I am continuing to work on improvements in diet and mental/emotional well being. It’s a process that I believe is always continuing throughout life. As I like to say ”We are always headed in a direction and never standing still. We are either headed forward and improving or headed backward. Because staying stagnant is equal to heading backwards”. The improvements made during this program are not a diet change, it’s a lifestyle change. And it’s one that is definitely worth making!!

Tarin Allegretto, Doula, Egg Harbor Township, NJ

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Nicole happened to me right when I was journeying through a very difficult time in my life. I was overweight, my face was full of acne, and I was suffering from iron deficiency anemia, acid- reflux, and heavy, painful, and irregular periods. Being a broke graduate student in NYC, I was very cautious about joining one of the many available health-related counseling programs. Thankfully, I decided to join Nicole and Kerri’s program and they just blew me away with their knowledge about the human body right away! They were right on about how stress wreaks havoc on our endocrine system and how the body goes haywire trying to adjust itself to the elevated levels of hormones. I was glad that I finally got some proper scientific explanation and not some abstract holistic shoptalk.Nicole patiently answered my zillion queries about my ailments and provided solutions that actually worked and which did not involve taking pills with a thousand side effects. She coached me to make those subtle changes to my regular diet and was totally sympathetic about my frequent flirtations with sugary delights. She was not guilting me to give up french fries or chocolate truffles but was actually directing me to food that was already there in my kitchen which would act as a substitute and help satisfy my cravings for sugar and fat. She checked on me every week, listened to my problems like a shrink, and offered solutions like a true dietitian and a personal trainer! How awesome is that? I found a shrink, dietitian, personal trainer, and a friend by joining just one program! Sweet indeed.Thanks to Nicole I finally made those lifestyle changes and within a month saw the promised results! I am losing weight, my acne has subsided, my sugar cravings are down, my period is lighter and less painful, and my acid reflux is almost gone. I feel beautiful and I am now in control of my own body and that is an awesome feeling.She made me desire “good health” and that is infectious because I can clearly see that I’ve passed on that desire to my loved ones!

Dee B., Professor – Queens, NY

After a long struggle with infertility for many years I was advised by a friend to contact Nicole and try her “Fix Your Period” program. Doctors had basically told me that I was entering early menopause and that my egg reserve was so low that chances of getting pregnant naturally or through IVF were almost impossible. We decided to try with egg donation. We had one try and it didn’t work. Right after the procedure I got sick so many times and I felt bloated and very unhealthy. My immune system was affected by stress, hormones and unhealthy eating. My body seriously needed a makeover. When I contacted Nicole I instantly had such a great feeling about the program due to her scientific and professional but at the same time very caring way of explaining how the foods can have a great impact on our bodies, positively and negatively.I looked forward to our sessions each Monday.Nicole was my nutritionist, a friend, psychologist and a dietitian. I realized that my regular diet was not so bad but I have learned so much about what to add to my everyday diet. I kept telling Nicole that I wished I had met her before but now I know that it is never too late to regulate your body and start eating healthy. After two months of following the program and a 5 day cleanse I felt better than I had in years!My feeling of being constantly bloated went away, I felt more energetic and light, and my skin was much more clear. I have decided to do the cleanse twice a year from now on.After the program Nicole continued to check on me to see how I was doing and if I was continuing to eat right and follow what she had taught me. Not only have I continued following what she taught me but I have also converted my Italian husband to use whole grain pasta!

Since we still weren’t getting pregnant naturally we decided to go back and try the egg donation IVF procedure again. I felt ready, my body was stronger and I reacted to the hormone intake much better. My breasts were not as tender as before and I didn’t feel tired and sick all the time. About three weeks ago we learned that we were pregnant!! I really think that the program had a huge positive impact on our result and that Nicole is an amazing person to work with. Whatever the result of this pregnancy, I will continue to follow Nicole’s advice and hope for the best.

Carla S., Stylist – New York, NY

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I first got my period at age 11. During high school I struggled with painful cramping, so bad I couldn’t walk and had to lie down in the nurse’s office until my mother picked me up.As an adult, I tried painkillers, homeopathy, and acupuncture, but nothing made a big dent. As a Yoga Teacher, I learned how to use Yoga to relieve some of the tension in my abdomen and back, even reducing the cramps from all day, to a few hours. Yet, I did not look forward to being incapacitated for those few hours, and had to schedule my work around that. My periods were regular, but the strength and duration of the cramps were unpredictable.I took the Fix Your Period course, hoping that my diet was the missing link. I never knew what to eat and I always went for comfort foods because it was the only thing that I could look forward to that would ease the intensity. I was listening to my body, but I was making poor food choices that were destructive to my hormonal health. I didn’t realize that my endocrine system played such a huge role in how I felt by the time PMS and my period showed up.After the 8 weeks, I noticed that my eating habits changed thanks to the support of the group and Nicole. I made very small changes and after 3 months, I had a pain-free period!!! It came and went, and on the last day, it dawned on me that I didn’t have any pain this time around. My cravings for coffee and sugar have greatly diminished and overall I feel balanced.

Dhyani Purswani, Yoga Teacher – New York, NY


If you have a period, you MUST take this course. You really only need a vagina! Much of the information is valuable for a woman in various stages of her hormonal career. This is one of the best online courses for women. Kerri and Nicole are fantastic hosts with a wealth of information that is unparalleled. This course is exceptionally comprehensive. No woman is left behind whether her symptoms are derived from food, emotions, toxins or most probably, a combination of everything. Kerri and Nicole cover it all.They are warm, caring, funny and crazy smart. Besides providing vast information, a guided cleanse and hugely entertaining sessions, they actually follow up through e-mail and phone sessions, making sure everybody gets individual attention. They have provided a really great forum to educate women on what the hell is actually going on down there.I walked away from the class armed with great information and resources, tasty and healthy recipes, a cleaner body and new friendships. You won’t believe the magic that happens when women come together to talk about their period! Who knew our period could be so much fun?

Stephanie S. – Omaha, NE

Nicole, you changed my life, and it’s time I thanked you. It was suggested to me in 2005 that I likely had PCOS. I knew that it might mean that I might have trouble conceiving, but at that time I didn’t have a sense as to the extent and didn’t do any research — I figured I’d just suss it out later.Last year, my husband and I started seriously thinking about what our next chapter might look like and I got off the pill. In July or August, I stumbled on your two-part series about PCOS and it absolutely knocked the wind out of me. I had no idea how serious PCOS is, i.e. the leading cause of infertility in women, 1 in 10 women have it; I was crestfallen. But your article offered ideas and solutions and so I felt hopeful. I immediately changed my lifestyle and started following your suggestions. I started eating a low glycemic index diet, cut out soy and avoided BPA exposure. I also started counting calories with the help of an app called MyFitnessPal. Over the next 12 months, I lost 32 pounds. I’ve struggled with my weight for the past several years, and for the first time in a long time I felt great.Meanwhile, we started seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. After lots of tests and doing a few months of ovulation predictor kits, I learned on June 20 that I was ‘anovulatory’ and would most likely need some sort of fertility drug support. I was heartbroken. The doctor suggested we immediately start taking Chlomid. We decided to think about it and instead started Metformin. After much thought and conversation, we decided that we would not go the Chlomid route; we didn’t want to ‘play god’. We decided that if it didn’t happen naturally for us, then we would look to adoption when it was financially feasible.In October, we learned that we sure are pregnant I’m nearly 14 weeks now, and get this – my due date is June 20, 2013.I am so grateful to you, Nicole. You have made a profound difference in my life, and I am so thankful that you have chosen to share your passion and knowledge for health and wellness. I feel confident that if I hadn’t come across your article, this journey would have been even more challenging and emotionally distressing for us. I probably would have felt more pressure to consider synthetic drugs as well. You made me feel empowered. You made it clear that I had choices; that I had some influence over the disorder. You were the catalyst for me taking my health and wellness into my own hands. Thank you.

Amy T. – Charlotte, NC


I had the privilege of participating in Nicole’s 10 week Fix Your Period group program.The information I learned about adrenal fatigue has completely changed my life. Prior to taking the course, I was strung out and exhausted. I was clueless about the damage that I was doing to my adrenal glands.I knew I needed more rest but I was unaware of the long term damage I was doing and furthermore felt powerless on how to get more rest when there seemed to always be an endless list of things to do.As a direct result of Nicole’s encouragement, I have rearranged my clients and all life activities so that they better accommodate my needs for sleep and down time. I don’t know that I would have ever made these changes on my own as I did not fully grasp the importance of what my hectic New York lifestyle was doing to my poor adrenal glands. I feel much more empowered after taking the course and overall feel that I have been resuscitated from deep fatigue of the soul. I am loving my new energy!! Nicole is fabulous! She has extensive knowledge of women’s health issues. She shines with passion for her clients and for this subject. I would confidently recommend Nicole and all of her programs to any of my clients or friends.

Allison Vernon, Fitness Coach & Owner of Our Naked Life – New York, NY. Website:

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I went to Nicole for some help with learning how to eat healthier — especially on a vegetarian diet. She was patient, knowledgeable and supportive. I learned to think about food in a different way and it has stayed with me to this day. Definite recommend!

MARY N., TV Producer, New York, NY