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Are chronic UTI’s killing your sex life?

  I remember it like it was yesterday - I was 21, in college and supposed to be having the time of my life partying and having lots of irresponsible sex. Instead, I was sitting in the ER because I had yet another urinary tract infection (UTI), and get this, was having an allergic reaction [...]

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Huge study links birth control to depression but doctors don’t care

  Birth control is in the news this week in a BIG way! On Monday, a newly released study from the University of Copenhagen confirmed the link between hormonal contraceptives and depression. FINALLY!!! Confirmation (and vindication) for soooo many millions of women who have suffered birth control-induced mood problems and depression (myself included). A Huge Study This [...]

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The Deepest Root Cause of My Missing Period

  Written by Ashlee Davis, this post is all about how she explored within and healed her relationship with her body. I knew I hit rock bottom when my hair started falling out. It had been thinning for years, but I remember the moment I looked in the mirror and a wave of terror washed over [...]

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The Profound Physical & Mental Benefits of Meditation with Emily Fletcher

On this episode of The Period Party, Nat & Nicole talk with Emily Fletcher, leading expert in meditation. Here are the highlights of what we cover during this episode: Why Emily left her Broadway career behind to become a meditation teacher (hint: it was a health decision). How does the style of meditation that Emily teaches differ [...]

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