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We are just one day away from kicking off the second installment of our Fix Your Period Group Program and we are psyched about it!We are so psyched that we want to share with you a little about what we’ll be covering in the next eight weeks. You will learn about:

  • How food really affects your body
  • What foods work and don’t work for hormonal balance
  • How to use foods medicinally to heal conditions (PCOS, painful periods, endometriosis, PMS) caused by hormonal imbalance
  • Herbs and foods that boost fertility and literally regulate your menstrual cycle
  • Why willpower doesn’t exist and how you can overcome your cravings
  • The endocrine system and how stress actually messes up your hormones
  • How to work with the cyclical flow of your body to create optimal health
  • How your belief patterns affect your physical and emotional health and what you can do about it
  • How chemicals in your food, environment and even your makeup is disrupting your hormones

….and so so so much more!

The next two months are going to revolutionize you hormonal health!  So ladies, if you’ve been on the fence about this one, but seeing some of the topics we are going to cover is making your ovaries dance then you need to contact us today!

We have two spots left and we want to fill them so if you want to take the leap and join us then email us now and we will contact you ASAP to get the ball rolling. Yes, it’s that easy. And to sweeten the deal, the first two people to contact us will get a discount on the program!

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