10 Simple Things…

I’m going to give you a little task today. I’d like you to make a list, could be on a sticky note or in your journal. If you blog, it could be a new post to inspire your tribe. […]

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Stop the rusting!

Have you ever squeezed fresh lemon juice on an apple slice?  It literally stops the apple from turning brown.  That’s how I like to describe the effect of antioxidants on the inside of the human body.  They basically stop us from rusting 🙂 What are Antioxidants? First let’s look at the word. We’ve got “anti” and “oxi”. So does that mean antioxidants are anti oxygen? Well, not quite. The important thing to know is the difference between oxygenation and oxidation. Oxygen is good and being oxygenated is very good. Every organ in our bodies needs oxygen. Oxidation, on the other hand, refers to the breakdown of materials by aggressive little atoms and molecules. An easy to understand example of oxidation is to remember my rust analogy. When rust eats away at metal, the metal starts to weaken and decay until it can no longer work. This is what happens to your body when free radicals attack it. Organs, cells and other parts of the body can be weakened by oxidation. This leads to diseases such as cancer, skin and heart diseases, Alzheimer’s and osteoarthritis. So when you think antioxidants, think anti-oxidation. […]

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