Taking the “ug” out of Uggs

A very wise Chinese doctor once told me that all physical aches and pains in our bodies originate in the feet. I feel like that could almost be an old Chinese proverb. At the time I didn’t believe him, but then again I was only 21 and had never lived in New York City 🙂 […]

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Bar None

I’m sitting in a cab eating a Luna Bar. A S’mores Luna Bar to be precise. I kind of feel like I’m eating a candy bar, even though this particular company claims my little bar has heaps of the good stuff…calcium, folic acid, vitamin D, iron…you name it! It’s also got 9 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. Magic numbers! LOL Before today I’d never actually had a Luna bar, or any other “health” bar for that matter. Well, that’s not exactly true. I’ve tried them in the past but the “processed” taste always turned me off. […]

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Beauty – Part Two

Continued from previous post… Ever since Charles Darwin came out with his Origin of The Species, beauty has transitioned from a topic normally resigned to philosophers and artists, to being a subject open to scientific inquiry.  It moved from an abstract concept to an identifiable product of evolution that was intertwined with the laws of attraction that draw two members of a species together for the purpose of procreating.  Since Darwin, there have been countless studies done to try and identify what attributes we as humans find attractive in one another.  In looking over the results from these studies I can’t say any of their findings were a surprise.  On the psychological side we find characteristics like, personality, intelligence, politeness, and integrity to be attractive while on the physical side they’ve been able to prove that, health, symmetry, and complexion are appealing.  Go figure!  A pimple-faced, rude, idiot is unattractive??  Way to go science, thanks for putting that question to rest! […]

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Beauty – Part One

Living in New York City I am constantly bombarded with images of what our collective societal brain considers to be the gold standard of feminine beauty.  Just walking down the street I’m haunted by super-size billboards of super-thin models who stare down at me through those perfect blue eyes and smile as though to say, “I’m beautiful, and you’re not me!”  Ironically, they’re not even them after all the airbrushing they do these days but that’s a whole other story.  I have to admit, despite my best efforts, this does get to me.   This image of an ideal woman who personifies beauty has been burned into my brain and though I know it’s irrational and emotionally damaging, I can’t help but compare myself to that image and dwell upon even the minor differences between us. […]

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