Does your period start, stop and then start again?

Is your period like evening traffic on the expressway: Starting and then suddenly coming to a screeching halt and then starting again?  Tons of women have been reaching out to me recently to ask what’s up with their start and stop periods – they begin, then stop around day 3 or 4, only to return 24 […]

Fertility Awareness Event in New York City

I’ll be speaking at the event below on Tuesday April 28th. If you’re in NYC I’d loooove to meet you there! FERTILITY AWARENESS EVENT AND MISCON(TRA)CEPTION FILM PREMIERE April 28th, 7-9:30pm $40 Wythe Hotel, Williamsburg, Brooklyn GET TICKETS HERE! Join hosts, Jessa Blades and Katinka Locasio, for an exciting evening dedicated to fertility awareness and expanding the conversation around birth control and women’s reproductive health. […]

Period leaks? A Venus Mat can help!

“It’s just a red spot.” Last week you may have seen that a Canadian poet named Rupi Kaur posted the image below on her Instagram (it was part of a photo series she is working on). Naturally, I received a number of emails from people about it because Rupi’s goal was to bring awareness to the […]

How long should your period be? 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days?

Women often agonize about their periods being TOO long but there are many of us (myself included at one point) who have periods that are too short. When I came off the pill in my early 20’s, my period had gone from 5 medium/heavy days to 1 very light day. While on the pill, my […]