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What do PCOS, high prolactin levels and premature ovarian failure have in common?

On Monday the doors officially opened to my Bring Back Your Period 3-Month Masterclass (very exciting because I only offer this program once a year!) and I’ve gotten A LOT of questions from women who want to know about their unique conditions and how I can help.  Almost every question has involved PCOS, high prolactin levels (Hyperprolactinemia) […]

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Get off the birth control pill the right way

I often hear that millions of women take hormonal birth control without incident. That may indeed be the case but it certainly isn’t my experience in my practice. In fact, the most common question I get from women when they first find me is… “How do I get off the birth control pill?” I’m continually amazed by […]


Surviving The Holidays: My Top 10 Party Tricks

Guest post by my good friend Allison Vernon of Our Naked Life.  This time of year is tough! Every event we attend is packed with alcohol and holiday treats. It’s hard to resist all that sugar even though we know it doesn’t make us feel good. These are my practical, healthy holiday party tricks: 1. Sip like […]