Take a minute and picture your typical day…

  • Do you wake up feeling groggy or exhausted and in desperate need of caffeine?
  • Do you scarf down breakfast while running out the door?
  • By mid-morning you’ve probably had a second or third cup of coffee
    and eaten a muffin or a cookie to up your low energy.
  • Lunch winds up being as rushed as breakfast, and by mid-afternoon you’re ready to pass out. So more caffeine and sugar is needed.
  • You go home completely drained and exhausted only to have to
    wake up and do it all again!

Yikes! This is just not a sustainable way to live. Now take a minute to think about your menstrual health. What’s going on there?

  • Maybe you have the worst PMS on the planet — morphing into a completely different person…someone you can’t even stand to be around.
  • Your periods might be super heavy and irregular…or you have no period at all!
  • Does exhaustion overwhelm you for no apparent reason?
    Or maybe insomnia is the problem.
  • Have you lost all desire for sex?
  • Have you been struggling to get pregnant or wondering if you
    can at all?
  • Does PCOS, endometriosis, or another condition make you feel

You know something is wrong but you may not be sure what it is and if you do know, you have no idea how to begin addressing it. All you know is you NEED a change…

This frustration with your body and your cycle might be “normal” for you and many women in your life, but it’s actually not meant to be this way. In fact, these symptoms are the result of an underlying hormonal imbalance that CAN be fixed.

How You Ask?

Instead of treating individual symptoms in isolation, I take a holistic approach that targets the root causes of your conditions. I see your body, and in particular your endocrine system, as a complex thing that cannot be re-balanced piece by piece but instead must be looked at in it’s entirety. Through nutritional-based remedies, self-care practices, and simple lifestyle and environmental changes, my program will not only restore your menstrual health, it will enhance every facet of your life! You can finally celebrate your womanhood again!



My Approach

I bridge the gap between conventional thinking about women’s health (drugs and surgery which don’t work most of the time and can be more harmful than good) and the other end of the spectrum which can be very “woo woo” and out there. My practice embodies that “middle ground” so that women can see there are much more effective ways to take care of themselves.

I take modern women in their teens, 20′s, 30′s and early 40′s who are overstressed, overworked, burned out, hormonally imbalanced, and struggling with an assortment of female troubles and I guide them to become more balanced, more vital, more feminine and totally hormonally balanced. You can leave stress, dread, and that constant overwhelmed feeling behind you.

Women will always get the straight talk from me. I like to explain my approach so it’s totally easy to understand and I back up everything with science and explanations, even the stuff that seems out there.

Are you ready? You can be that woman who goes out into the world and celebrates her life! Dive in and take a look around my virtual space! If you are over the struggle and pain of hormonal problems you have come to the RIGHT place — let’s embrace your feminine vitality!

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Young Women’s Natural Health Expert