Whats the deal with irregular bleeding & (1)

Help! Why am I spotting?

You’ve started spotting on day 10 of your cycle and you have no idea why. Ack! It’s a week before your period and suddenly you find blood in your underwear. What?! Your period was two weeks ago and it’s come again. Nooo! Spotting or irregular bleeding (known as Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding) causes a lot of […]

Come to a Women’s Wellness Retreat hosted by ME!

Hey there wellness warrior, I am co-hosting a women’s wellness retreat in November with one of my bests Malissa Schwartz (retreat planner extraordinaire) and you’re invited! Here’s the deal: I know you’re trying. To get healthy. Eat right. Balance your hormones. Trust your instincts. Be a better woman/mother /daughter/partner/friend. You probably have a blank notebook […]


A documentary investigating the safety of hormonal birth control

Did you ever see the documentary The Business of Being Born? It was a serious game-changer for myself and millions of women around the world. Lucky for us, Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake are at it again with their latest project Sweetening the Pill, about our birth control choices and whether women are really getting the full story. I […]

MTHFR gene mutation (1)

MTHFR: What is it and why you should know for the sake of your fertility

What if you had a gene mutation that could affect your ability to get and/or stay pregnant. You’d probably want to know about it as soon as possible right? The MTHFR gene (sounds like an acronym for a bad word huh?) has gotten a lot of attention in the functional medicine world for it’s effect on mental health but […]

Birth control 2

How to start using natural birth control

Women write me and comment on my blog posts ALL the time about how much pain and trouble their hormonal birth control is causing them but they are so terrified of coming off that they just continue to endure the discomfort. It’s nuts. But I get it – because I’ve soooo been there. I remember it like […]