Ovarian Aging

Protecting Your Ovarian Reserve: How to Preserve Your Fertility As You Age

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Menstrual Migraines causes + solutions

Debilitating migraine or dull throbbing headache – why does this happen?

Migraine headaches are a health issue affecting women three times more than men. Of the 26 million Americans suffering from migraines, 20 million of them are women and of these 20 million women, 60% of them associate their migraines with their menstrual cycles. This is no coincidence ladies! For those of you who suffer from […]

Why Modern Women Need to Rethink Stress

Rethinking Stress One of the things I’ve recently been rethinking is how stress impacts our lives and our bodies. In my experience working with women, I have come to believe that stress and its manifestations are the biggest crisis facing women’s health in the 21st century. Our bodies just aren’t designed to function optimally in our […]