Whats the deal with irregular bleeding & (1)

Help! Why am I spotting?

You’ve started spotting on day 10 of your cycle and you have no idea why. Ack! It’s a week before your period and suddenly you find blood in your underwear. What?! Your period was two weeks ago and it’s come again. Nooo! Spotting or irregular bleeding (known as Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding) causes a lot of […]

Come to a Women’s Wellness Retreat hosted by ME!

Hey there wellness warrior, I am co-hosting a women’s wellness retreat in November with one of my bests Malissa Schwartz (retreat planner extraordinaire) and you’re invited! Here’s the deal: I know you’re trying. To get healthy. Eat right. Balance your hormones. Trust your instincts. Be a better woman/mother /daughter/partner/friend. You probably have a blank notebook […]