How Your Cycle Impacts your Digestive System (1)

Periods and Poops: How Your Cycle Impacts your Digestive System

Full Moon Over Troubled Waters, Backing The Bus Out Of The Garage, Auditing Your ASSets…yup, today we’re going to talk about poo! Do you feel constipated after you ovulate? Do bouts of diarrhea seem to come out of nowhere during your period? When we talk about the psychological and physiological changes that a woman experiences […]

The Omega-6/Omega-3 Connection to Painful Periods

Painful periods or discomfort associated with menstruation, otherwise known as dysmenorrhea, is the most prevalent women’s health issue in the world. It’s estimated that 50% of post-pubescent females suffer from dysmenorrhea and 10% have such painful periods that they are incapacitated for 1 – 3 days each month. This is just not right!

Ovarian Aging

Protecting Your Ovarian Reserve: How to Preserve Your Fertility As You Age

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Menstrual Migraines causes + solutions

Debilitating migraine or dull throbbing headache – why does this happen?

Migraine headaches are a health issue affecting women three times more than men. Of the 26 million Americans suffering from migraines, 20 million of them are women and of these 20 million women, 60% of them associate their migraines with their menstrual cycles. This is no coincidence ladies! For those of you who suffer from […]