How long should your period be? 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days?

Women often agonize about their periods being TOO long but there are many of us (myself included at one point) who have periods that are too short. When I came off the pill in my early 20’s, my period had gone from 5 medium/heavy days to 1 very light day. While on the pill, my […]

Should you steam your vagina?

With all the torture we inflict on our vaginas these days – waxing, lasering, chemical-laden douches, synthetic tampons and pads, antibiotics, hormonal birth control, vaginal rejuvenation surgery, bleaching, spermicides..I could go on and on –  I’m frankly shocked at the recent backlash in the media about vaginal steaming. It’s mind-blowing to me that everything I listed above is considered […]

You're Invited!!!

What do PCOS, high prolactin levels and premature ovarian failure have in common?

On Monday the doors officially opened to my Bring Back Your Period 3-Month Masterclass (very exciting because I only offer this program once a year!) and I’ve gotten A LOT of questions from women who want to know about their unique conditions and how I can help.  Almost every question has involved PCOS, high prolactin levels (Hyperprolactinemia) […]